Aprender español y hacer amigos en Costa Rica!

Comentarios de Ex- Estudiantes


¿Quiénes son nuestros alumnos?

Estudiantes de todo el mundo vienen a Universal de Idiomas para estudiar español. También hemos tenido estudiantes de la Universidad Estatal de Weber, Utah, Worcester Polytechnic Institute de Massachusetts y la Universidad del Sur de Florida – Florida que asisten a clases en el verano. Muchos de estos estudiantes han vivido con familias costarricenses con las cuales tuvieron un intercambio intercultural extraordinario.

Comentarios de algunos de nuestros estudiantes

“This is my most favorite Spanish class. Yami is really nice. I like having ice cream in the cafeteria. If we go to Costa Rica again, hopefully I’ll be able to have Spanish Class here again.”

Malaika, 8 Years, England

“Nadia is the best profesora ever! Gracias para todo, I had an awesome time! Costa Rica is amazing, I’m gonna come back soon! Nadia rocks!”

Simona, Germany

“I have made a great deal of progress in a short time. Each day I’m able to understand and communicate more in the real world. Our teachers put a lot of energy into each class and kept us interested. There was a good balance of grammatical exercises and conversation which put the theory into practical use.”

Max Ham

“After 4 weeks my Spanish has greatly improved thanks to my teacher, Enrique’s patience and my host families help in my homework and vocabulary lists. My host family couldn’t have done more to make me happy. I will really miss them. I attended other Spanish Schools but learned more here. The classes were smaller which is very important. Over all it was a wonderful 4 weeks.”

Jessica Vesp

“I just finished 4 weeks of studying Spanish and I’m very satisfied. I learnt a lot. Also living with a C. R. family is very interesting, because you learn a lot of the normal “life”. I really like the country and I will recommend this school to everybody.”

Erick van Boven, Holland

“Within 3 weeks my teacher Jorge has managed to teach me enough basics so that I was able to communicate in the hospital and at home. Jorge is an excellent teacher, always smiling and enthusiastic, making the lessons more enjoyable. I hope that when I return home I will continue to learn Spanish with the same enthusiasm.”

Claire Banlay (Med. student), Scotland

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